Reasons for engaging with mentorset

Your corporate diversity targets are likely to focus on key areas, and we have indicated how MentorSET can help towards these targets:

Recruitment of more women into engineering:
  • A mentoring scheme is a recruitment attraction for potential employees
  • MentorSET training will enable women to practice and excel at the recruitment assessment criteria that can be unfamiliar to them, especially after a period away from employment
  • Access to mentoring will increase their application and interview confidence and performance, and make them more successful
  • Your staff who mentor students will be encouraging more younger women to consider your company as a great place to work, and hopefully encourage them to pursue an engineering qualification
  • Using your employees as mentors puts you in touch with prospective future talent

Support of Women Engineers
  • Women will feel supported through access to mentoring which will allow them to share and work through issues and problems
  • Mentoring will identify training needs in the employee which can then be met
  • Career progression planning will give a sense of purpose and structure to employees
  • Mentors will network with one another and gain vital business opportunities and career benefits
  • Problems are able to be identified and solved before they lead to resignations

Retention of Women Engineers
  • Women who continue to be mentored through their maternity break stand more chance of returning afterwards
  • Women who are supported, trained, paid fairly and promoted fairly will be happier and more productive, and consequently more likely to stay with a company

Employ More Senior Women
  • Mentoring capability to senior management and board positions will increase the talent pool of women suitable for these positions
  • Cross sector nature of MentorSET will enable mentees to be mentored by senior women from other companies  
  • Women mentors develop important leadership and coaching skills

Other Business Benefits
  • Reverse mentoring will allow senior staff (often male) to see the company through the eyes of a minority group, and this will lead to an improved working environment, better mutual understanding and a more embracing company culture
  • Senior women will be seen as role models to other women, and their visibility across the engineering sectors will increase.
  • Cross company relationships can lead to business opportunities
  • Our links to academic institution will allow mentors to learn and disseminate this academic best practice and latest thinking to other members of the management team

partnership benefits

  • Benefits of Mentoring    
  • Branding opportunity as a MentorSET partner
  • Membership of the scheme for your engineering staff as mentors and mentees
  • Access to online training materials and support (webinars and discussion papers)
  • Access to other training providers (at additional cost depending on training content required)
  • Membership of the Women's Engineering Society and access to the wider benefits that this includes
  • Access to mentoring community where best practice can be discussed and shared
  • Opportunity to provide role models and disseminate best practice
  • National mentoring events and access to current academic research
  • Reporting and feedback
For further information about MentorSET partnership, please get in touch with:

Cath Heslop
Women’s Engineering Society
Michael Faraday House, Six Hills Way
Stevenage, Herts. SG1 2AY | @wes1919