How much does it cost?

MentorSET is run by the Women's Engineering Society and we encourage mentors and mentees to be members when they join MentorSET, although it isn't required. Benefits of and further details of WES membership can be found here.


Mentors are volunteers, and there is no fee to become a MentorSET mentor.


Mentees are required to pay a joining fee of £120. This fee funds the operational running of the programme, which includes the finding of a suitable mentor and 12-months of guidance and support support. ​
  • How do you pay for your subscription?
    Following this link.  Select ‘Browse memberships’ then select the MentorSET Mentee Subscription (found at the bottom right of the page).  The website will then guide you through the process of completing the application form and making the payment. Payments can be made by credit card or bank transfer.
Having problems?  Please email the Programme Manager at, and we can help guide you through the process.

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Benefits of Mentoring

  • The mentee feels supported and has a mechanism for working through any problems that exist as a result of being in a minority
  • Mentoring includes training, support, encouragement, advice and guidance from people who have both 'done it before' and are usually independent of the mentee’s current organisation
  • Both the mentees and mentors gain confidence and leadership skills
  • Mentees report the benefits of a different perspective
  • Mentees are more likely to plan and apply for promotions
  • Mentors and mentees can gain insights into best business practices in other companies
  • The process allows mentors and mentees to make useful networking connections, and have access to role models
  • Mentees will find it easier to return to engineering after a career break
  • The mentors and mentees belong to a wider network of women engineers (through the Women's Engineering Society), which can bring a host of other advantages